Michiana Women Leaders, Inc. is dedicated to raising awareness and education, documenting women’s contributions to our community, celebrating diversity of individual experiences, and giving voice to the female experience in our community.

Michiana Women Leaders collects oral histories from women, beginning with a single suggestion: tell me about your life. This approach empowers women to tell their own stories, to decide what’s important and what influences and inspirations she wants to highlight. For women who have died, we take a similar approach, looking past her biography to tell her story.

In this way, these narratives are not biographical narratives that list life events, jobs, and organizational affiliations. Instead, they provide glimpses into the lives of women. And through these glimpses, we see how even the ordinary day-to-day life experience becomes extraordinary.

Helen Arnold

Linda Baechle

Krista Bailey

Cristal Brisco

Virginia Calvin

Anne Studebaker Carlisle

Lorraine Celis

Alta Chrapliwy

Lois Clark

Elizabeth (Liz) Cullity

Skylar Diggins

Nanci Flores

Glenda Rae Hernandez

Diana Hess

Eileen Hughes

Penny Hughes

Goldie Ivory

Betsy Jochum

Oletha Jones

Jann Joseph

Jeanne M. Jourdan

Evie Kirkwood

Wanda Mangus

Jenny Pitts Manier

Anne Mannix

Regena Marsh

Emma Barrett Molloy

Jamie Morgan

Gladys Muhammad

Christine Murdock

Julia Nabaa

Concepcion Nino

Charlotte Pfeifer-Gillam

Lisa Plencner

Alma Powell

Rebecca Powell

Rebecca Price

Jesusa Rivera

Renelda Robinson

Maritza Robles