Michiana Women Leaders, Inc. is dedicated to collecting the oral histories of Michiana women. Founded by Terri Russ in 2014 as The Michiana Women Leaders Project, we formed a nonprofit Indiana corporation in 2019. Michiana Women Leaders, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Our Stories

Each oral history interview starts with a single suggestion: Tell me about your life. The approach empowers each woman to tell her own story, to decide what is important, to choose the influences and inspirations she wants to highlight.

The stories shared are not necessarily the only story for each woman. And they are certainly not biographies that merely enumerate each leader’s education, employment, achievements, and affiliations, although those may figure prominently in a woman’s story. Rather, each MWL story is a glimpse into the life of a woman, told from her perspective, focused on what she determines is important.

Each story collected by MWL is a celebration of inspiration. Each story documents the experiences that have shaped and inspired our women leaders. And each story inspires.

When you browse the stories on our website, you'll read brief narratives drawn from the recorded interviews. We look forward to sharing the audio recordings soon.

Our Women Leaders

Learn about and gain inspiration from women who helped create our community from its earliest days and from women who are building tomorrow’s future.

Some are in the news, and a few are even in the history books. Others you’ve never heard of.

Each has an extraordinary story within her, and MWL is here to ensure the story is shared. We're moving the status of Michiana women leaders from forgotten to unforgettable.

Our Events

Celebrating Michiana Women Leaders (CMWL) spotlights 12 of the women whose stories have been memorialized by Michiana Women Leaders, Inc. Not intended as an awards ceremony, the event launches an educational local women's history exhibit. By spotlighting a group of women each year and sharing their stories, we are building a record of women's contributions to the Michiana area, filling the vacuum that currently exists.

Photo of Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price

Michiana Women Leaders, Inc. selects the honorees, drawing from the growing catalog of stories we’ve collected as well as those yet to be collected. In support of our mission and unbound by a specific set of criteria, each exhibit presents a diverse panel of honorees from a wide range of areas including the arts, business, education, sports, and service.

Albertina Wassenhove

We look forward to hosting additional community events, beginning in 2019 with an informal gathering on March 22 at 6:00 pm the Near Northwest Neighborhood Community Center, where attendees can view the 2018 CMWL exhibit and visit with previous honorees.

Our Future

In addition to documenting women’s contributions to our community by collecting oral histories, our mission calls us to enhance awareness and education, celebrate the diversity of individual experiences, and give voice to the female experience in our community.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Michiana Women Leaders. Check back often for updates, send us your feedback, and join us for an upcoming event.